Leo James Honduras

San Pedro Sewer

San Pedro Sula has nothing going for it. Literally nothing. You would expect a city that is so incredibly[…]


Crossing Into Honduras

It was the right time to leave Caye Caulker, but I would miss it nonetheless. I hope that wherever[…]

Caye Caulker

Enough Rum Punch And I’d Fight A Shark

I live slow already, and the effect Caye Caulker had made me almost glacial. The people I had arrived[…]


Go Slow

The bus to Caye Caulker was entirely by public transport rather than the much more expensive but very simple[…]

Belize City Festival

Belize: A Country That Knows How to Party

I needed to renew my Visa, leaving me with a few options. Number one, head back to Mexico for[…]

Caye Caulker

How I Got From Caye Caulker to Placencia by Public Bus

I was coming to the end of my time on the paradisical island of Caye Caulker, and it was[…]

Isla de Flores

Forlorn in Flores

On the whole, Isla de Flores was just what I needed after leaving the lake. It was always going[…]

Belize festival of independance Travel Belize

Never Enough Hours

need twice the amount of energy and three times the hours in the day. Life is too short, and[…]

Long days and longer nights in San Pedro

Long Days & Longer Nights in San Pedro

The days just blend into one in the lake. One day becomes two, two become a week, a week[…]

Coco lake Atitlan Spanish School

The Pals of San Pedro

San Pedro was my little hidden paradise. Two months there flew by, and I didn’t regret my stay for[…]