Mexico City Market Motorcycle

If Young Leo Could See me Now…

An evening can always start so innocent in Mexico City. I woke up to the bells of the church[…]

Mexico City Bookshop

Slice of Life

All work and no play make Leo a dull boy. This week I have been working alongside my new[…]

hanging dolls

A New Booze & A Cruise

Boat parties in the UK are usually tacky money hustles that target classless stag and hen do’s or corporate[…]

woman with monkey on head

When You Die You Reincarnate in The Last McDonalds You Ate in

That’s why you always feel sick after. I think the last one I had was about four months ago.[…]

cat on bags

They Changed The Names of Gigs Whilst I Wasn’t Looking

Listening parties and ticketed conversation events are two things that are quite new to me, as in I had[…]

Salsa, Suadero, and Soumaya

Parking attendants are a different breed here. It isn’t a sit-and-check ticket situation, it is a competitive sport similar[…]

Smiling White Jesus

Montezuma’s Revenge

Montezuma the second was the last fully independent ruler of the Aztecs. He planned to capture the conquistador Hernán[…]

Mexico City Library Alberto Kalach

A Library For The Records

The city is getting into my body. I can feel it in my lungs and in my eyes. I[…]

Panic at The Metro

I actually made it up and out of the house in a reasonable time. I loaded myself up with[…]

All Quiet On The Mexican Front

After working and popping to the gym I thought I’d treat myself to a walk around the more lively[…]