Over the years, I have worked with various interesting clients. Part of the reason I like to remain mostly freelance is for this freedom. I always welcome the new challenge and opportunity to grow as a content and copywriter. These are just a selection of the clients I have worked with. Feel free to click on the logos to view my related profile.

I have had the opportunity, with PC Invasion, to work in an industry I have loved since I was a child. I have been able to write detailed and informative How-To guides, keep on top of the latest news pieces, and write informed and opinionated reviews. My time working alongside PC Invasion has helped me delve deeper into the workings of WordPress, and only further improve my SEO naturalization.

House of Bold gave me the opportunity to work on my first hard copy magazine. Working alongside the marketing company, we collected together interviews, advertisements, and experiences from the Island of Saint Martin. This project was part passion piece and part travel guide. Everyone involved loved the Island, either as a home or as a destination. I was able to write up interviews, guided walks, food, drink, and accommodation recommendations, and lots more. The magazine can be found at all good travel retailers on and off the island.

Make Use Of provides all the technological know how you could need. ‘How-To’s’ on every platform and device can be found, written by both freelancers and permanent writers. Writing for tech is something I have always found both interesting and enjoyable. Nothing moves quite as fast as this industry, so staying on top is a welcome challenge and constant fascination.

Writing for travel is never a chore. Guidora had me researching Berlin and Marrakesh, cities I already knew so well. Being able to write about places I loved and sharing what I knew was nothing short of a pleasure. This collection of short but detailed three-day travel guides were a real pleasure to compile.

ExtremeNomad opened up the world of extreme sports article writing for me. In my past I have pursued a lot of sports, working multiple ski seasons and taking part on many others. It was a great chance to work my knowledge into SEO optimised, interesting, informative articles.

Over the years, I have provided copywriting and content for companies and businesses on Upwork. My work has varies from sportswear and diet pill reviewing to heavily researched personal blog posts. Every new client is a way to practice my art and delve into a new subject. Upwork always gives me the chance to really stretch my freelance writing muscles.