Who Am I?

First and foremost, you can think of me as your next freelancer. Secondly, I am Leo Gillick, copy and content writer.

I started on good literary footing.

Since graduating from university as an English Literature student, I have pursued my career as a freelance copy and content writer. Every new client I have the opportunity to work with provides me with a chance to learn something new and improve on my skills.

I write high ranking SEO and engaging content.

Over the years, I have learned to perfect SEO through hands-on experience, and how to ensure your pages get pushed to the top of any search. My tried and tested methods guarantee high ranking results.

I pride myself on my versatility.

My ability to write across a broad range of subjects including tech, travel, food, and entertainment separates me from the crowd. I take the time to talk you, discover just what it is you want, and commit myself entirely to becoming a pro on your project.