Copywriting Services

Blog Posts

Engaging and well researched blog posts to keep both the search engine and your readers coming back.

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Blog posts are often the heart of any website’s traffic draw. Engaging, SEO rich posts move a page rapidly up any search engine enquiries. Ensuring your page has well written, and informative blog posts not only helps your clients get a better understanding of you and your business, but also helps you get noticed.

Keeping on top of regular, engaging posts can quickly become overwhelming. I have the skills to pitch, compose and SEO optimise the blog posts you need on your pages. If you’re looking for a freelance blog writer, look no further.

Articles, Reviews, and Guides

I consider reviews, guides, and short and longform articles my bread and butter. No matter the subject, the format of these is what drives me as a writer.

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Whether it be travel writing, technology guides, or finance based real estate articles, I look forward to every new challenge. Having informative articles on your page ensures that not only is your brand engaging clients, it is also informing them. I am able to produce well researched, optimised content that is guaranteed to keep your clients clicking and back linking your page.


Keep your subscribers up to date with your informative news.

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A newsletter can be so much more than simply a way to keep your clients up to date with earnings and forecasts. A well written newsletter will bring a smile and sense of familiarity to anyone subscribed. 

What can a newsletter provide?

  • Regular updates on earnings
  • A friendly face for your company that informs and entertains
  • Keep you at the forefront of clients minds
  • Inform on new products and updates
  • Drives traffic to your site

Let me write you a regular and informative newsletter to help create the community that drives business forward.

Bios, About Me, and Taglines

Rather than trying to sell yourself, let me find out about you and write the kind of bio you need to really sell yourself.

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Writing about yourself is always hard, but in an age of online self-promotion it has become essential. I am able to speak to you, understand who you are and the image you are trying to promote, and write you a bio that will leave you feeling proud.

If you are looking for a tagline for your company or product, my expertise in research and linguistics will provide you with a snappy tagline to show off your product.

LinkedIn profiles, business taglines and bios are all essential content for any business or professional looking to really stand out. Let me sell you.