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The Secret to LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn is all about the connections you make and the exposure you have to the people who are looking for you and your services. Using hashtags is a great method of SEO in your posts and is a surefire way to get noticed across many searches.

What’s Their Use?

Whether you work in eCommerce, web design, or marketing, you need your brand to be noticed. Hiring a great copywriter to create engaging content is a strong start. Drawing people in through your posts will help you reach out and your potential new clients and customers find you. Hashtags are in place to help people to narrow down their searches and identify whom they’re looking for. Making sure you use the right ones for your brand will push you up the Google searches.


When picking the hashtags you use, follower quantity is very important. Research has shown that the optimum number of hashtags to use is three. Two broad hashtags have between ten thousand and a million followers, and one with a more narrow followership closer to the sub-ten thousand follower mark. Using a hashtag with more than a million followers is shown to be ineffective, the post will usually be swamped and remain unnoticed.

And Quality

The content of your hashtags will make a huge difference to your digital presence. Branded hashtags, such as your business name, are perfectly fine. Using generic professional or descriptive wording such as #freelance is never a great way to promote your page due to its vagueness. Instead, try something more specific to your branding, such as #freelancewebdesigner. To narrow your hashtags even further to reach the sub ten thousand mark, you can add your location to the end of your hashtags. If you are working as a local company, you may even want to add the city to your hashtags. As a rule, it is best to avoid recycling old hashtags, using fresh ones for every post using the point mentioned before will ensure more of your posts are spread across more searches. 

Let a Pro Take Care For You

And finally, make sure your posts are engaging, it isn’t all about your hashtags. There’s no point in attracting new clicks if the content isn’t engaging. But that’s why you hire a content writer, isn’t it? Find your next one right here.

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